Sandcastles Childcare

Sandcastles Childcare Welcomes You!

Welcome to our new website, designed to give you the easiest and best way to find information about how your child can reach their fullest potential at Sandcastles Childcare.

Some fantastic features our new website include:

  • Weekly blogs (like this one!) updating you on the exciting and educational events that happen in our centres
  • Updates on our monthly newsletter; a digital publication containing tips and tricks, informative articles, and yummy healthy recipes
  • Parent Handbook – with lots of useful information for families at our centres
  • Links to our Facebook page where we celebrate what our centres achieve on a daily basis
  • Notifications on all the benefits using Educa can have for both our centres and our families

Our new-look site is completed with our new Facebook page where you’ll see what all of different centres are up to. Our Page provides you with updates, reminders for upcoming events and excursions as well as photos of all the fun things the children get up to!

With all our centres in one place, you will also find amazing competitions through Facebook from time to time which also gives you a chance to hear from other families about their experience within the greater Sandcastles Childcare community.

We hope you enjoy our new website and look forward to hearing from you both in our comments and on Facebook. Don’t forget to Like us to make sure you’re always up-to-date with what’s going on at Sandcastles Childcare.