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We’re all in this together: How Sandcastles is sharing kindness in our community

In these times of uncertainty and change, it’s more important than ever to share kindness, connection and support in our communities where we can – and our centres are doing just that. 

Whether it’s keeping children safe in centres, supporting families whose life circumstances have changed, or helping those who are keeping children at home, it’s clear wherever you look that love is all you need. 

Sandcastles Kalang Road 

At our Sandcastles Kalang Road centre, the children have been creating ‘The Book of Cheer’ as a positive way to deal with the new normal of social distancing and restrictions on contact and movement.

Filled with artworks specially made by the children, the book will be delivered to residents at a local nursing home, who find themselves cut off from the company of their own families to reduce the risk of infection.

As much as the project was designed to bring joy to the aged care residents, it has also proved to be a great way to address the big feelings that children might be experiencing in this period of change and disruption.

Educators have also been using a series of books that tap into feelings of separation and loneliness. A favourite has been ‘The Lonely Little Monster’ about Nola a little green monster who calls out for a friend but can’t find any until one pops up.

The simplicity of the story and the happiness at finding a friend helps children to understand not only how the aged care residents might be feeling but also themselves, with some of their regular play mates absent because they are self-isolating at home.

Sandcastles Elanora Heights 

Thinking about the feelings and needs of others is also playing out in the adult world. Our Elanora Heights educators hunted out a bundle of good quality clothing items that had been left at the centre, among them jumpers, t-shirts and backpacks, creating take home packs for families.

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It was a small gesture with the biggest impact, to say that we understand and we care.

What are you doing to spread kindness and show others that you are thinking of them at this time? We’d love to hear your stories.